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Horcum Site Guide


Paragliding at Horcum


Grid Reference: OS 1:50,000 – SE 854938

Google Map Link: CLICK HERE

3 Word Location: "redeemed.fallback.ballpoint" CLICK HERE

Wind Direction: SSW – SSE

Height: 230m (743ft) AMSL

Site Description

Paragliding at Horcum in the main bowl is mainly covered with heather and bracken. There are small areas of grass on the top to allow for rigging and take off.

There are no boulders or power lines etc making this an excellent place for pilots of all levels. Perfect for practicing top landings.

XC flights are very restricted due to proximity to ‘Fylingdales early warning station’ to the North.

In higher winds and or thermic conditions (particularly in the spring) the air can become quite turbulent and pilots have experienced a very rough ride at times. Low airtime pilots may find early mornings and evenings more suitable!

1. Overview Map

2. Basic Information

Grade of Pilot - Suitable for all level of PG pilots with some soaring experience.

Access & Parking - Parking is in the ‘National Park’ car park on the side of the A169 Pickering to Whitby road.

Pay at the machine.

Walk down the path and through the gate providing access to the moor behind the main bowl to the most suitable take off area for the day. Do not park on the roadside or verges.

3. Site Rules and Guidance

A) All fliers must be current Club members.

B) Proof of BHPA membership and the Cayley membership must be on hand.

C) No teaching allowed.

D) No Dogs.

E) No flying during model flying competitions.


G) No Bank Holiday Mondays.  ALL other week days, weekends and Bank Holidays are OK.

H) Maximum of twelve (12) pilots in the air or on the ground unless prior arrangements ie (competitions)

I) If Hawkers or Shooters present, you should refrain from flying as they have priority. You may negotiate with them to fly that day.

G) Check Club Website for other temporary restrictions.

Guidance and Information:

Paragliding at Hocum is a really useful site allowing flying in various conditions for a wide range of wind directions. It can often be flown when the wind at the coastal sites is too light. Take care with your lines etc when rigging and taking off on the heather.

As mentioned earlier conditions can at times be surprisingly rough. Gliders should not be left opened out on the small grassy take-off areas. Landings can be made almost anywhere on the moor top with care, however, pilots should avoid the public footpaths which can be very busy.

The site is shared with other users, eg model glider pilots. Members should make contact with them and discuss safe flying practices; they are almost always amenable to a friendly approach. If flying on the same day, agree on mutual guidelines (eg take it in turns) to ensure safe flying and the safety of others.

Thank you.

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