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Paragliding Yorkshire's Coastal Areas

Paragliding Yorkshire Coast
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Updated March 2024 - New and improved site regulations for Horcum site.  See site guide.

Updated Feb 2024 - New Millington site update.  See site guide.

Updated 17th May 2023. Bridlington Kite fest is on, so no flying at Bridlington. Also an event on in Filey and tanks on beach so no flying Filey this includes flying in front of Filey town if taking off at Primrose valley.

Updated 25th Feb:  Notice of the Bridlington Kite Festival - 20/21st May 2023. No flying at Bridlington during this event. More Details HERE

Updated 22nd Feb:  Congratulations to Adie Carlin winning the most improved pilot for 2022/23.  Read more HERE

Updated 10th Feb: Congratulations to Adie Carlin and Tom Davison for passing their Pilots Exam and Martin O'Hearne on passing his Club Pilot Exams

Welcome to the Sir George Cayley Paragliding & Hang Gliding Club!

Paragliding in Yorkshire and flying free is an amazing feeling!

You can soar the coastal cliffs with seagulls or thermal high above the countryside with kites or buzzards. Alternatively, you can fly to the clouds and land miles away from where you started. These are truly marvellous and awe-inspiring experiences available to all.

Free flying is glorious, but it’s dangerous, isn’t it? Yes! But we are not suicidal adrenaline junkies. No paraglider or hang-glider pilot would take off without the firm expectation of a thoroughly stimulating and enjoyable flight, followed by a safe landing.

For this reason, we undergo careful initial and ongoing training programmes. This is required to learn and develop our flying as safely as possible. Initial training is normally undertaken at a flying school and subsequent learning is assisted by local clubs and volunteer coaches.
Paragliding Over Whitby
Paragliding Over Whitby
In 1975, the Sir George Cayley Paragliding and Hang-gliding Club was established. It is run by a group of enthusiastic paraglider and hang glider pilots in East Yorkshire. In turn, the club provides an environment for like-minded people to get together to share our knowledge and experiences. This means we can safely partake in the joy of free flight.

Our club has several coastal and inland sites where we maintain a good relationship with landowners or park and local authorities. The club and all our members belong to the British Hang & Paragliding Association (BHPA). This gives us a national voice and provides third party insurance cover. Additionally, we hold events, competitions and regularly meet in a pub.

You are very welcome to join us!

If you’d like to know more about free-flying a paraglider or hang glider, or are a pilot already, please use the Contact Us Form.

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The Cayley Club is designed to help new and existing pilots get the most from paragliding in Yorkshire and the surrounding coastal areas.