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Bridlington Site update

When flying at Bridlington please ensure you do not fly south of the coast guard station. Site guides will be updated reflecting this rule shortly.

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Remember to phone the coastguard before flying

All memembers, please remember to call the coastguard before flying any of our coastal sites. Its dead simple and only takes 30 seconds. Just give the site, expected altitude and time until you intend to fly. If you're with a group, arrange one of you to call.
The number for Coast Guard Bridlington is 01262 672317

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Speeton site update 18th April 2017

Please note, we have been asked by the farmer not land in the field next to the church or any of his other fields, except the one at the back of take-off.

The sites guide will be updated with this information in the coming days

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About the club

The Sir George Cayley Sailwing Club was started in 1975 by a group of enthusiasts in the Yorkshire area, and has carried on providing an environment for like minded people to get together and partake in the joy of free flight. Although relatively small in comparison to our surrounding clubs, we provide the same level of coaching and guidance to new pilots fresh out of training school.


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The Club

Our Club has seen over 40 years of free flying
in the Yorkshire and Humber area bringing like
minded people together to enjoy the sport.

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