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May Club night 18th May coming up

Don't forget our next club night will be held on the 18th May at Fangfoss.
We'll be discussing the RSPB site at Speeton cliffs, the club annual summer BBQ and flying stories from the past couple of weeks.

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Bempton Cliffs - Nesting birds

The club are talking to the RSPB and Nat England about an amicable Code of Conduct for paragliding at Speeton/Bempton.
The talks look promising but are not finalised and the nesting season is upon us. Until we reach an agreement, best not to fly there.
But if pilots do choose to fly that part of the coast, please be very aware of possible disturbance to nesting birds and maintain a height of at least 500 feet asl to the East of the Speeton take-off. And please do NOT overfly the bird sanctuary. If you have any questions please contact a club site officer and refer to the sites guide.

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Anniversary Competition

Our 40th Cayley Club Flying Competition was held at the hole of Horcum on the 10th April
Congratulations to Alex Flemmington for winning the comp. Read the full article by Berzo & Suzie

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About the club

The Sir George Cayley Sailwing Club was started in 1975 by a group of enthusiasts in the Yorkshire area, and has carried on providing an environment for like minded people to get together and partake in the joy of free flight. Although relatively small in comparison to our surrounding clubs, we provide the same level of coaching and guidance to new pilots fresh out of training school.


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The Club

Our Club has seen over 40 years of free flying
in the Yorkshire and Humber area bringing like
minded people together to enjoy the sport.

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