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A little recent extract from my chimp diary

Posted: Sat Aug 04, 2018 6:59 pm
by DavidP
Paragliding stringed instrument.

So, we flew from the Telepherique (Le Saleve) today, early on to avoid the huge thermic turbulence after lunch due to the intense heat (35c upwards). A plan was formulated to forward launch my M6 (first ever), pull big ears (first time on my M6) and put a bit of bar on. The forward launch was perfect (#Ianthechimp did scamper around the wing and check every line). We flew out, turned left over the cable car lines and headed towards the landing field at Troinex. I looked up at my wing and lines. Ian then decided it would be FUN to pull other lines than the outer A's. He even yanked hard on the outer B's.... what the feck. I looked up and one wing tip was pulling much forward than the rest of the wing. I was amazed at no collapse, rock solid. Ian then started to twang the other lines TO SEE WHAT WOULD FECKING HAPPEN.... SHITE..... Nothing, a super rock solid Ian finally figured out which were the outer A's, and slipped 2 fingers around each and pulled.... nowt.... bugger my big ears are broken. So Ian slipped the other 4 banana fingers and thumbs around the lines... a hard hard pull, the ears came in, but not huge. We had to hold them in as well, about 1/4 bar and stable. Bar off and let go of the A's, twang twang... both ears out with no brake pulling...this wing has a mind of it's own... I JUST WANT TO FLY. We found some small weak thermals over the greenhouses near landing.... suck..... the wing just accelerates nose first into the thermals.... wow, a turn, a climb, dropped out of the thermal, hands up....suck...whoosh... accelerates into the thermal again... so impressed. We flew around a bit, climbed up using the weak thermals, light brakes and weight shift....super. landed at Troinex with nil wind like a dream.... I love my M6. Ian's piano twanging in the sky proved to me how amazing this wing

Oh, before you ask... #Ianthechimp is my voice in my head... my basic auto human reaction to stuff... the thing that makes us run from danger etc.