Bempton Update Site update - 07/01/2017

New Site Rules for the Speeton take-off are currently an ongoing negotiation between the Club and the RSPB and Natural England.
Until this is finally resolved the Speeton take-off is NOT an 'official' Club Site.
If you do fly Speeton, you do so as an individual with the risks that entails, and NOT as a Club member.

However, if you do fly Speeton Cliffs, we recommend that it would be prudent to observe the following informal guidance*:

  • No paragliding (including hang gliding) in front of the cliffs and no 'acrobatics' anywhere near cliffs where birds are nesting, throughout the nesting season (March - September).
  • No paramotors.
  • Pilots to maintain sufficient height, throughout the nesting season (March - September) along any part of the cliff where birds are nesting, that they remain well above the height these seabirds normally attain, and well beyond any possible risk of disturbance to them.
  • No flying at all at less than than 1000 feet asl South of the trig point near Rain Cliff and over the bird sanctuary at Bempton throughout the nesting season.

    *We have proposed these guidelines as the basis for a new voluntary agreement with RSPB and Natural England.

    We have a new site guide for 2016.

    Download the site guide HERE

    Before flying any Cayley Sites please contact a sites officer of club contact in order to receive the current state of play, what is open and what is not.

    Site Locations

    Below are the approximate locations of our sites with wind direction. Please exercise caution and consult a club coach or site officer before flying any site

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