Position Name Email Tel Contact
Chairman Tony Dew chair@cayleyparagliding.co.uk 01759 368252 / 07816 218985 (Texts only)
Membership Secretary Suzie Berzins MemSec@cayleyparaglding.co.uk N/A
Safety Officer Andy Berzins SafteyOfficer@cayleyparaglding.co.uk 07812 695926
Senior Coach Andy Berzins SeniorCoach@cayleyparaglding.co.uk 07812 695926
Sites Officer 1 Andy Berzins N/A 07812 695926
Sites Officer 2 Jez Smith N/A N/A
Competitions Manager Richard Shirt web@cayleyparaglding.co.uk 07786 707424
Webmaster Richard Shirt web@cayleyparaglding.co.uk 07786 707424

Club Coach Contacts

Before you fly any new site, please contact a club coach who will be able to advise you on the site rules and saftey.
These Club Coaches are willing to to help and advise any pilot, especially new members:

Name Contact Type
Andy Berzins 07812 695926 Senior Coach / PG
Ed Cunliffe 07976 151482 PG
Alex Colbeck 07717 707632 PG
Tim Rood 07969 026632 PG
Dominic Curran 07462 918362 PG
Robin Scott 07712 129658 PG/HG
Ian Currer 07970 062772 PG
Richard Sewell 07974 384221 PG
Richard Shirt 07786707424 PG

The Club

Our Club has seen over 40 years of free flying
in the Yorkshire and Humber area bringing like
minded people together to enjoy the sport.

Contact Us

  • The Club Chair
  • Tony Dew
  • Chair@cayleyparagliding.co.uk

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