The Cayley club would like to get some competitions going this year and have a little fun whilst we fly.
We have put together some competition guidelines to help explain what the competitons are about, who can enter and explain it is your responsability to ensure you are safe.

What competitions are we running this year?

2017 Result Table

Coastal Races - Mappleton & Bridlinton

Pilot Overall Points Bridlington Race Date Pts Mappleton Race Date Pts
Dave McDonald 14 27min 54sec 29/04/17 6 1hr 55sec 05/05/17 8
Geoff Moses 12 17 Minutes, 32 Seconds 29/04/17 10 1 Hour 16 Minutes 23 Seconds 20/06/17 2
Mick Bostock 12 20 Minutes, 59 Seconds 23/09/17 8 1hr 8min 54sec 26/03/17 4
Steve Charlesworth 10 N/A N/A N/A 58 Minutes 2 Seconds 18/04/17 10
Gary Senior 6 N/A N/A N/A 1 Hour 3 Minutes 20 Seconds 28/03/17 6
Robin Scott 4 30 Minutes, 26 Seconds 18/04/17 4 1hr 19min 7sec 03/05/17 0

Competition Rules and Guidelines

Comp Name Date Task Location Link
Competition Guidelines On going Comp Guidelines NA Guidelines
Horcum Glide and Accuracy Competition April / May Glide & Accuracy Hole of Horcum Competition Rules
Most XC points from XC flight from a Cayley site 1st Jan - 30th November XC Task Cayley Sites inc. Mappleton Competition Rules
Coastal Races - Mappleton & Bridlinton 1st Feb - 30th November Race Mappleton and Sewerby Competition Rules
Photograph Competition 1st Jan - 30th November Photograph NA Competition Rules
Longest XC from the coast 1st Jan - 30th November XC Cayley Coastal sites (inc. Mappleton) Competition Rules

Previous Competitions

Comp Name Date Winner Location Link
Hole of Horcum Comp 2016 Alex Flemmington Hole of Horcum Hole of Horcum Results

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